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Beware the Lich Mob

By Bobfish26-09-2013

Well this came a bit out of nowhere. Despite having been in the works for several years already, with snippets of teasings shown along the way, this FPS RPG has done a fantastic job of staying out of site...until now. Welcome to the Lichdom.

Powered by the CryEngine, Xaviant have said they want the player to 'feel everything', which is why they opted for the FPS appraoch. And yes, that really does mean First Person. it's not some pretentious lateral interpretation like French Projective Sandwich (that...actually sounds pretty awesome to be fair) though it does also double as First Person Spellcasting. But the point is, it retains the First Person part.

The spellcasting itself sounds to be the most original mechanic I have come across in many a year. Rather than hunting down spellbooks, scrolls and ancient wrinkly dudes with incredible cosmic power, all spellcrafting is left to the control of the player. By combining various ingredients, magical properties, bacon and ingenuity. This gives you the freedom for crude, ugly effects, or delicately balanced works of art. More even than that, you can stack and itersect spells for combined effects. Flame charm lightning anyone?

Check out the trailer and strap yourselves in. If Xaviant deliver even a fraction of what they're aiming for, this is going to be a hell of a game. One which, if nothing else, already looks gorgeous.

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Posts: 3290

I'm getting vibes of "shut up and take my money"

Posts: 297

Gettings vibes from Elder Scrolls and Dark Messiah from this one, can't believe I haven't heard or saw this yet.