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Between the Bars

By Bobfish11-07-2013

The first trailer for Crimes and Punishments has finally been released. Showcasing some key locations from Holmes first outing in the Unreal 3 engine and clearly demonstrating Frogwares have not been idle sine the release of the outstanding Magrunner. It seems I was also somewhat off the mark with several of my earlier predictions, leaving me to wonder if this may, in fact, be an entirely new batch of cases for this most eduring and enigmatic figure.

It was quite jarring too, to see him looking so...unkempt. Holmes is, of course, well known and renowned, both within and outside of the world he inhabits, for his skill with costume, many of them being the most undesirable of personas. But to see him so shabby when going about his daily business... coupled with the incredible vocal talents of Ben Cocks (no, seriously, that really is the singers name) across the top, it sets up a lot of what was previously hinted at. Namely, the moral implications of the decisions left to player choice within the game. Suggesting, to me at least, a narrative which delves deeper into Holmes later career, as his star began to wane.

If we could just have confirmation of a release date then perhaps we would be able to investigate all of these teased possibilities more easily.

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Yes, yes they are. And I whole heartedly approve

Posts: 1548

This looks very good. Focus are definitely moving up in the food chain.