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Bethesda Teasing Something New and Creepy (Updated)

By Merc19-04-2013

Bethesda, the developers behind the hugely successful Elder Scrolls series and Fallout 3 are up to something and it looks like it will scare the pants off gamers. Everyone is speculating about what it could be, first thoughts are Fallout 4, but the teases seem a little more creepy than the Fallout universe. The first video clip is hard to decipher what it could possibly mean. If you can figure it out - congratulations.

So if that wasn't weird enough the second video clip makes no more sense, it is just burning sun flowers, speculation ensued! People were saying it could be a first look at Doom 4 finally, although that seems unlikely. Since it was burning flowers it could even be somehow related to nuclear fallout.

The final video clip has been revealed and needless to say, it is 100% creepy. There appears to be someone looking down at the camera and some other unknown thing peering downward. Nobody could quite figure out what any of this means. Now it is confirmed that IGN will reveal a game from legendary game developer Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil). That is something to be excited about and one can only hope it is something as cool as the first Resident Evil game. Check back at Pixel Judge for the latest update on this new title.

Update: Bethesda just released a press release naming the game – The Evil Within set to be released for X360, PS3 and PC 2014. The full reveal is still set to be announced later today as IGN exclusive.


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