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Bethesda Teases Next Skyrim DLC

By Leigh Cobb03-11-2012

After the Dawnguard and Sims expansions for Skyrim, Bethesda are finally teasing some information about new DLC for the game. Tweeting this image and stating that a full trailer will be coming 11/5. That's 5th November 2012, not 11th May 2013.

From the image we can see some form of cool armour and swirling purple mist, can you feel the excitement? Bethesda stated prior to Skyrim's release that they wanted to focus on longer, expansion styled additions to the game. Since Hearthfire and Dawnguard didn't really deliver that (Ok, so Dawnguard did a bit) hopefully this new DLC will be a bigger step into expansion territory.

Stay tuned on the 5th November for a trailer, I'm quite excited actually as I haven't bought any of Skyrim's additional content yet. Maybe this one will sway me?

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@Reaver That made me wish that fire in Skyrim worked like in Farcry 2...

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I want to get on a dragon and fly... fly and make everything equal to ash in Skyrim! So that there wont be any conflict! (that may have sounded a bit much and a little questionable... :D)

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Pic reminds me of Cthulhu.