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Bethesda is Coming to E3 for the First Time Ever

By zethalee12-02-2015

In a rather surprising move, Bethesda, notable developer of the Fallout series, along with being publishers of a little game called "Doom," have announced that they will be hosting an "E3 Showcase" coming this June, and that there will be a chance for fans to attend. Last year, rumors of an ARG and hints at Fallout 4 surfaced, before eventually being debunked as a hoax.

Yet, with this announcement, the rumor mills are sure to spin up once more. Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb says that while there's nothing confirmed as of yet, with the number of IPs that Bethesda currently holds, it could be any number of things that they might present, such as more Dishonored, The Evil Within, or yes, Fallout indeed. Either way, June is quite a ways away, so it may well be that more and more rumors and hints will surface in the time to come.


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Damn straight!

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More overhyped, broken arse games for everyone to worship like the second coming

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Ahhhh yeaa