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BETAfield 4?

By JcDent02-10-2013

So yeah, on October 4th, the floodgates open and every dirty peon can go play Battlefield 4 Open Beta (up until the 15th). What's to be expected from that experience?

Well, as this helpful video explains, Beta is not the final product. I know, shocking, but with gamer audiences increasing, it's also getting increasingly stupid. It's a wonder they don't have to explain "press W to walk forward - in the game, not in the video, silly!" Anyways, letting all of the people loose in the game let's DICE iron out the biggest cock ups they might notice during the Beta. From my short time playing, I sure did notice some! But that's for a preview later on...

Of the 10 maps present in the game, we only get Shanghai, the one with the ultramegaawesometurbosweettotallyradwickedsick sky scraper collapse. It pits Americans against the Chinese (I like to say PRC or PLA). The four classes - Assault, Recon, Support and Engineer - are present and you can already see what DICE has planned for them. You'll also get to use a pair of guns in each category as well as try most of the vehicle types in the game (sorry, no jets). You'll notice that PLA Assault looks like the Russian one from BF3 and PLA Support just looks stupid (a running theme with Support classes). Assault heals, Engineers RPG and fix stuff, Support try to pretend that the airburst grenade launcher is a good replacement for their C4 and Recon are the regular camping sniper dicks. Spawning is handled as usual - spawn on team mates, in their vehicles, as well as the usual captured points (and - don't tell them I told you - vacant vehicles near spawns).

Only two game modes are available at present. Conquest is classic battlefield - capturing points on the maps, bleeding the enemy's pool of respawns (called "tickets") and running crazy with tanks and boats. Domination is like that, but sans vehicles, thus immediately makes Engineers sad and Recon just a tad too happy.

Yep, that pretty much covers it all.

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Posts: 351

This is how BF3 was as well, many of us are having CPU issues. It will be fixed, this is not even the latest version of the game. This is to test servers.

Posts: 341

Runs like poop right now.

Doesnt look much better than BF3 if at all, yay new water and...what?
Physics are still crappy, grab any vehicle and drive into another vehicle and watch the fun. (just like bf3 fyi) or get stuck on a tiny little object on the road. The levolution crap isnt synced properly either, inbeforebeta.
I mean simple shit like Doors on a container not syncing? Wth.
The big wave followed by the skyscraper falling is nonexistent, theres not even splashing in the water. And all textures on the map seem to turn gray when it has fallen, including interior objects such as chairs and the likes.
Is there more destruction? Havent noticed any. Is it better? Not really, same pop-out stuff with no physics attached. Why would a massive, sturdy concrete lion turn into bread crumbles from 3 rounds of 9mm?

Add 10 fps and you get my non-recording framerate..

And why the worst map ever created, well its better than metro for sure, but I expected BATTLEFIELD and not a corridory pseudo cod-battlefield hybrid map.

Posts: 267

I do not expect a smooth launch, due to all the performance problems in the beta at the moment.

Posts: 1317

Of course there will be other issues. The fact that there is only one map in the beta shows how little Dice actually care about removing all issues before launch. The beta is NOTHING but an early access demo, that they use as carrot on the stick to make more people pre-order the game.

Posts: 297

Yet I think we can expect stuff at launch that'll either no function properly, or the whole online portion might suffer during launch...who wants to place bets?