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Betafall (Updated)

By Bobfish27-01-2014

Temper your enthusiasm with a degree of caution, as we have no confirmation of platforms yet. But Titanfall is getting a public beta next month. This news come our way via a poster spiued by our colleagues at Xboxygen (kickass name by the way) and is in French, but the words beta and February are, y'know, kinda' obvious. Thus doesn't take a genius to figure it out really.

Numbers, of which we have 14/02-19/02 (that's a working week for those what can do maffs lyk meh) also tend to transcend language barriers. Why, of all places, this would first come ti light in France is a complete mystery. I mean, they're bleedin' French. All that cheese and vinegar they drink, I'm surprised they even know the day of the week, let alone what a spectacular game Titanfall is promising to be.

Seriously though, this is excellent news. It just damn sure better include the PC or there will be blows falling. That's for true.

Update: Twitter is a glorious thing isn't it? And you, Mister Zampella, have made us all very happy bunnies. The Beta is officially realloy real, and it's coming to the PC.


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Posts: 223

It's a multiplayer only game but with singleplayer elements such as a progressing story (I believe). I hardly think it's going to be a flop. The game is looking pretty awesome and even with the low human controlled player count (48 units in one match player and AI) it's going to be a definite day one purchase for me

Posts: 1317

No it's all multiplayer. They're BS'ing about how it's gonna "blur the borders between multiplayer and singleplayer" by basically having multiplayer with bots.

It's going to be a flop.

Posts: 3290

I do think the focus is heavily on the online, competitive aspect, but I agree. I think it will have some form off offline play, even if it's only a bot arena kind of thing

Posts: 297

I think it will have a campaign, don't see why not.

Posts: 166

This game is only having a multiplayer ain't it? as I don't think there is a off-line single player campaign, or so I have read.