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Bet You Nether Saw This Coming

By Bobfish30-10-2013

Nether, the post apocalyptic survival horror FPS cum MMO has hit Steam Early Access. Bringing with it some creepy new screenshots and...a live action trailer. The screenshots are screenshot like, showing screenshot type things. They look very pretty as well. The trailer on the other hand, that's a whole different story. It demonstrates some absolutely superb production values. Following a young, bedraggled woman as she wanders a desolate, abandoned wasteland that once might have been called a city. Salvaging and scavenging everything she can find along the way.

Honestly, if the game is even a fraction as atmospheric as the trailer, that alone will make it worth your time. More recent coverage has put more emphasis on the action side of things, showing the advantages of co-operation within the game world. But there's also a lot of emphasis left over for the more solitary aspects too. So I remain optimistic.

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