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Benchmark 13

By Bobfish10-02-2013

Covering a whopping two hours and thirteen minutes, this monumental love letter to our beloved platform showcases thirteen years of PC benchmark tests. It omits the AMD/ATI tools, focusing almost entirely on NVidia, which makes a fair degree of sense when you think about it. As much as I generally prefer ATI cards, NVidia is able to rebuild him. It has the technology. The PhysX technology that is. So their benchmark tools generally have a little bit more to show, with the more advanced physics options and such. Though the video is geared more towards showing the steady advances in things like particulate matter, shaders, dynamic lighting and all that kind of thing. This is an impressive video indeed, well worth the couple hours it will eat up of your time. So go, give Perfect Hand some love, thank them for gathering all of this together both on their YouTube and in the comments below. Because it may not seem like much, but let me tell you, finding, splicing together and taking the time to actually compile a video file of this size is not an easy thing to do, despite what the uninitiated seem to think.

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