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Begin Annihilating Planets Soon

By acharris7714-09-2013

There is some good news, Uber Entertainment Inc who created the RTS Kickstarter project Planetary Annihilation announced via a video that the beta software will be released 26th September 2013. This is for the backers who got access to the alpha or beta version. After showing a developer video and an explanation of the geometry in the game, the backers can finally get hands on with Planetary Annihilation.

So backers will not have long now to have some inter-planetary warfare, smashing a couple of planets and performance upgrades to name a few. This has been a big project which has been popular during the funding stage, and finally after months of teasing with videos and updates, the beta is finally ending up in the hands of the backers.  So let us know what you think below, and since this game is about planet smashing then I will leave with a quote from the Incredible Hulk   "Smash!"

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Looking forward to seeing it released, it certainly has my interest with being able to fight on a whole planet.