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Become a Headhunter in Borderlands 2

By Toast16-10-2013

You probably have images in your head of some crazy psychopathic killer brandishing a knife and a random victim's head. Well it isn't exactly what I meant. You see, ever since the original season pass content concluded, it was then announced that there would be more content, which started out with the 2nd ultimate vault hunter DLC. Now that we're looking towards the next batch of DLC, it was announced that the first was to be TK Baha's Bloody Harvest, with the title of Headhunter 1. We're unsure how many we're to expect to see of these headhunter packs, but we'll probably be guaranteed at least another 1 or 2.

The Halloween themed DLC will have the vault hunters travelling to a new horror themed area where they'll encounter possibly new enemies, and a new special boss which will reward players with its head, hence the name HeadHunter. Now before you get all excited...Gearbox has insisted that the next batch of DLC, just like this package, will be short, as in that you'll be able to complete it "in a single sitting," 2K Games states. If you want to give it a try, regardless of the amount of content it will provide you, or for how long, you'll be able to grab it on Steam on the 22nd of October, just around a week before we go out trick or treating. Well, either that or we get tricked or treated.... wait, did that even make sense?

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