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Because Vikings Love to Play Dress-up

By Bobfish26-11-2013

Good news my fine, fine (Double Fine, geddit?) friends. Costume Quest has come home to the fine, fine (geddit? Geddit?!) people at Double Fine. Better yet, they have teamed up with the raiding heathens to bring it back to our eager, waiting hands. Along with the other hotly challeneged title, Stacking. After the whole kerfuffle with the THQ butchering way back when, everything has finally settled with Double Fine taking back their IPs, then going into partenership with Nordic for future publishing plans.

"I am pleased that we have regained full control over Costume Quest and Stacking, following a daring and top-secret midnight raid on the Nordic Games headquarters in Vienna."

Said Double Fine president and CEO Tim Schafer, whilst owner and CEO of Nordic, Lars Wingefors, jumped in to say:

"We can't wait to partner with Double Fine for this upcoming retail launch of three of its most excellent games. However, I feel compelled to point out that we were happy to transfer distribution rights for Costume Quest and Stacking back to Double Fine in an entirely non-secretive and heist-free manner."

For those who missed it, Nordic initially took the rights for both games as part of the THQ auctions at the beginning of the yearl. Something which Double Fine were, initially, a bit miffed about. What, precisely, has been going on behind the scenes since then is unclear, and frankly irrelevant at this point. The important thing is that they came to an amicable agreement that is good for them, and good for us. Nordic also made it quite clear, there will be no dicking around from this point on. Klemens Kreuzer, Nordic's Managing Director, putting it in no uncertain terms.

"I just want to clarify, again, that we support the right of independent developers to control their own distribution, and we were pleased to have the opportunity to work with Double Fine. No heists."

A good thing too, since Double Fine's Vice President of business development, Justin Bailey, also had a few choice words to contribute. Fighting words, to be sure, but seemingly redundant at this point, which is something to be thankful for. This whole thing has been far more messy than it really needed to be.

"Double Fine is dedicated to controlling its own IP, and we will continue working to bring all associated rights back in-house whenever possible. No matter how many split-second security system hacks or painstaking tunneling operations we have to execute."

And there you have it folks. A storm in a teacup in the end perhaps, but when people are passionate about their work, that's to be expected. What really matters here is that everything has been straightened out in a way that, so far, seems to have pleased everyone. Who knows, maybe this new arrangement will even benefit Double Fine in other areas. They did run in to a few snags with Broken Age not so long ago. Pure conjecture on my part, but it would certainly help relations between the two if Nordic were to offer them some extra funding. Should this be the case, keep yours eyes peeled and check back often, because we will be all over it.

In the mean time, keep an eye out for Stacking some Costumes on your Mac and/or PC in the early months of 2014.

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