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Because She’s The Queen Of Blades

By StuntmanLT22-01-2013

As polished and well done (some design choices prohibit me from saying "good") Blizzard games are nothing comes even close to its CGI cutscenes. They are like short movies by themselves...very entertaining short movies. And today blizzard decided to treat us with the opening sequence from Heart of the Swarm. The intro depicts a full-fledged Zerg rush into Terran planet with different units one upping each other on an epic scale and detail.

Oh this gives me the shivers and takes me back to when I saw WarCraft 3 opening sequence for the first time – the flailing grass and the flickering fire left me in awe. As great as StarCraft 1 and Diablo 2 CGI's were, and they were unrivalled for that time, WarCraft 3 was the time when my jaw really hit the floor. Do you have the shivers watching great CGI/intro or is it just me, leave a comment below.


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