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Be Your Own Kind of Hero

By Kathy_McGraw01-03-2014

Iceberg Interactive/Little Green Men Games released a huge update to Starpoint Gemini 2 Thursday, Feb. 27. The update addresses some bugs and implements some new features, such as a skill and perk respec panel, new boarding mechanics that can start up different micro-events, and the implementation of local security checks on ships, including the player.

Most exciting of all is the Create-A-Hero contest that starts on February 27 and ends on March 14. Players will be able to create a character of their own design and the one that earns the most community votes gets implemented into the game.

It's really nice to see game developers getting player input. It lets the fans become more involved in the development process and scores some brownie points for the developer as well. Kudos to the Little Green Men team!

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