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Be the Zombie

By acharris7730-08-2013

After Techland announced Dying Light, Warner Bros jumped in and announced some pre-order bonuses. The new mode "Be the Zombie" is for North America and will be available on launch day for the fans who pre-ordered, so that they can play as predators in the PvP mode.

This mode allows gamers to stalk others as a night hunter, a dangerous predator with super speed, a tendril to grapple, and ranged attacks. Playing as this night hunter, gamers will be able to gain experience points, and progress the character along its own skill tree. Also playing this mode allows for rewards to be unlocked. This first person, action shooter is looking pretty good so far, so let's hope that the "Be the Zombie" mode will be available in Europe as well. Let us know what you think about the game below.

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Posts: 3290

That ZOMGbie is like "yo dawg, I'ma eat yo brains"

Posts: 166

yeah it does look awesome

Posts: 351

I am really looking forward to this game, so cool :D