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Be a Watch Dog

By StuntmanLT18-05-2014

Watch Dogs, a promising new IP from Ubisoft is coming and there is no hiding from it. Being an unstoppable hacker in a virtual world is good and dandy but how would that translate into real life? Well, Ubi’s marketing department decided to explore that and apparently it feels awesome all the way up to the point the cops arrive.

In this “hidden camera” Watch Dogs promotion a generous phone repairman is giving out free “hack-anything-with-one-push-of-a-button” app to his unsuspecting clientele. During the live demonstration the lucky new owners get to see remote light control, vehicle unlocking and, eventually, traffic light meddling that leads to a car accident. Then the cops show up. And our repairman, being a responsible citizen, points the finger to the culprit customer. To see how they tried to weasel their way out, just watch the clip above. The “I no speake no Engrish” guy was extremely funny. But how would you act in a situation like that?

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