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Be a Virtual Eagle

By Merc14-03-2013

It would brighten up anyone's day if they could transform into a virtual eagle thing at will. The reality however is that will not happen. Thank God we have video games to let us do the things that reality will not let us accomplish. In the newest DLC for Assassin's Creed 3, you are fighting against the alternate reality version of George Washington. Instead of founding father, he is a tyrannical dictator. You will continue around cities via rooftops and additionally to your wolf pack now you have the ability to turn into an eagle for some short distant jumps. At the end of those jumps, you may end up stabbing someone in the throat. Careful where you are jumping my friend and take down King George.

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In ARMA 2 you can be a virtual seagull...

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Well, its much like a grapling hook, or the teleport in Dishonored. I have mixed feelings about this...