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Be a Mudokon in New ‘n Tasty

By breadbitten20-07-2013

Man I love these! Every time a developer reveals some kind of move that incorporates their fans into a game makes my heart flutter in ways I never thought possible. Developer Just Add Water is doing just that with their upcoming remake of the side-scrolling classic Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey titled New 'n Tasty, crowdsourcing some of the NPC chatter within the game to the best people in the world...us.

If you're planning on making your annoying, other-worldly voice be heard follow these few simple rules and you'll be set:

  • Get a "decent microphone" and some noiseless/feedback-free cables
  • Get an audio capture device capable of recording at 24bit/96kHz
  • Create a Soundcloud account
  • Read some lines from the script posted on Just Add Water's official blog
  • Upload your takes to your Soundcloud account as .wav files
  • Share your work with the official Oddworld account

See? Simple. There is however a deadline to consider, which is July 26. Now excuse me while I dig up my old recording mic...

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