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Battletech Making A Comeback

By WskOsc29-07-2015

Kickstarter veterans Harebrained Schemes, better known for their recent work on the Shadowrun franchise with games like Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall, and the upcoming Shadowrun Hong Kong are bringing their tactical turn based expertise to another beloved tabletop franchise that should be instantly familiar to old school PC gamers – BattleTech. Say it with me now – Aww yeah!

For those not in the know, BattleTech is the collective name for the Mechwarrior universe where empires span planets and rival houses duke it out with gigantic mechs. There's lots of cool words like lance, gauss rifle and my personal favourite LRM20, 20 high explosive missiles launched in rapid succession to teach those filthy Clanners they should trade in their Pumas and get a proper BattleMech like an Atlas. Even with the free to play Mechwarrior Online being a thing, it feels like forever since we've had a proper BattleTech game on PC and if anyone can do the setting justice it's Harebrained Schemes.

You can visit the BattleTech site to sign up for their mailing list to be notified when more developments happen or you can stick with Pixel Judge and we'll let you know when we know things.

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Posts: 35

I love Battletech, and used to have the board game, but turn based mech combat have been done so many times before .. when will we get a decent Mech RTS?

Posts: 3290

Fuck yeah! Check

Posts: 120

Mechs, Check.
Turn-based strategy, Check.
Harebrained Schemes, Check.
Kickstarter, Check.