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Battlepacks on Sale for Real Money

By NAG3LT28-05-2014

Battlepacks in Battlefield 4 always seemed destined for monetisation, even while they were readily available by just playing the game. You can still unlock all the attachments for each gun, just by getting kills with it and getting gun-specific battlepacks. However, now in addition to shortcut bundles you can also buy battlepacks on Orign. Prices range from $/€ 1 for bronze (£ 0.80), $/€ 2 for silver (£ 1.60) and $/€ 3 for gold (£ 2.40). Yep, in Europe EA asks higher prices if you really want to buy those battlepacks. There are also bundles with three and five battlepacks with slight discounts. Considering the situation with the game, buying those battlepacks seems to be a bad idea. Either you play BF4 a lot and receive both random and specific rewards, or you just will not care about them very soon.

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What are you betting it's an arse backwards "we're sorry you can't play the game properly, but at least you can buy the stuff you can't earn by playing"

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I can't really say I'm surprised. While I'm creeping up on the level cap, I guess, for those really missing out on those final attachments or dogtags, they might spring for this, but it's really no longer worth it, this late into the game's cycle.

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