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Battlefront 3 Hoth Multiplayer Screenshots

By drcoolio34506-07-2015

Screenshots are usually pretty standard, but since Battlefront 3 has been hidden by EA for so long, these 4k ultra settings screenshots have plenty of information. These screenshots show off the battleground we've been seeing since the original announcement last year, the snow planet Hoth.

There's a wide variety of guns ranging from what looks like small sub-machine guns, scoped assault rifles, and bulky LMGs all in their blaster pew-pew equivalents giving us some hints as to what the classes or equipment might look like in the future. Once you get hit, the typical red vignette around the edges of the screen will grow more and more intense until you bite the dust for that life and have to wait for the next respawn.

Vehicles are back of course, both in their grounded and flying forms. Pictures of a player-controlled tie-fighter were shown, along with multiple shots of elephantine AT-ATs, turrets, and an X-wing that was "offline." It seems like base rushing and shutting down their base will be a new strategy to consider in Battlefield 3, especially considering the "shut down the uplink" objective hovering at the top of the screen in every photo.

Unfortunately, there weren't any images of taun-auns, wampas, Sith, or Jedi, but hey, there's still plenty of time before Battlefront 3 will be moving from pictures to finished product.

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That...dude, that sure does look purdy.

But how does it run?