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Battlefrench 4

By Bobfish09-08-2013

For those who don't speak French...neither do I, so don't look at me for a translation. But even if you don't speak French, you can look at the purdy Battlefield 4 footage and drool. Then make plans for the wake after subjecting your vid card to such abuse. What scattered French I do have is enough for me to tell you they spoke about the new Frostbite 3 engine, touching on some of the features regarding lighting techniques and character animations. I think I heard something about being larger and more interactive than ever before, and a lot about Battlefield Carts...a new multiplayer mode with turtle shells and banana peels maybe?

I guess we'll just have to wait for an English version to come along. Or someone with better French skills than me to point, and laugh, and tell me that cart (quatre) is actually the French number 4. But I prefer my version better. It sounds like more fun.

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I do not need to see any new footage, I just want it!