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Battlefleet Gothic Armada Trailer

By Bis18marck7017-12-2015

When a galaxy knows only war, then you better be on the side with the big guns. That would be the Imperium of Men. Well, that's debatable but details are not something the Inquisition will allow you to address. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is set to launch the Warhammer 40k universe into the stars, simulating the epic clashes between the Imperial Navy, the traitor forces, the Orks and the Eldar.

Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive have worked on this title for some time now and you'll find a little sneak peek on the Imperial Navy above. Watch as huge battleships blast at the Xenos or set forth in righteous spirit to smash their holy engine of war into the traitorous ranks. Designed to incorporate punishing firepower, strong shields and the ability to tank any number of shots, the Imperial Navy might lack finesse, but it sure makes it all up by brute force.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is coming our way Q1 2016.

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