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Battlefield 4's 'Second Assault' DLC Might Include Metro

By MrJenssen27-06-2013

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Battlefield 4 will get tons of paid DLC map-packs post-launch. One of these is Second Assault. It will - similar to BF3's 'Back To Karkand' pack - include four "fan favorite" maps, redesigned in the Frostbite 3 engine. Through a reddit post (see above), DICE's core game designer Alan Kertz stated that the two Battlefield 3 maps Operation Metro and Caspian Border are "runaway favorites" in the BF community, which hints at a possibility for the maps being included in this DLC.

Well, Metro seems to be a map DICE is proud of too, as Patrick Bach had the following to say in an older interview with Eurogamer:

"[Operation Metro] is a great map. It's an awesome map. We spent a lot of energy proving to ourselves we can build those types of experiences as well, because we never had that in Battlefield 2. We said, why wouldn't you be able to do that in Battlefield?"

Well, Bach. I don't know the answer for why you couldn't be able to build those types of experiences. But you didn't succeed in your attempt. I don't know about you people, but I have yet to meet a person who doesn't absolutely despise Metro. If you were to ask me, or anyone in my Battlefield 3 clan, or anyone I've ever played with, Metro is an unbalanced, claustrophobic map that is extremely prone to stalemates that can last until the end of the round. And it will always favor the team starting at the top floor. If they are truly serious about bringing Metro back, then some tweaking is absolutely essential. Sure, certain polls might show that Metro is indeed a popular map for many players, but it's no secret that this map is mostly used for score-boosting, as it's easy to rack up a high kill-count by lobbing a few grenades and firing off some rockets through the tight corridors.

Dear DICE. If you take pride in making actual quality maps for your games, then you should already know that Operation Metro suffers from lazy and bad design, offering little in the way of squad or team tactics. It's a constant stalemate, where both teams mash against each other over and over again, until one team gets lucky and manages to push through. Please, please add in some alternate routes for the BF4 version, if you intend to include this map in the DLC.

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Soon we'll get a DLC that IS the same game

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Hah, soon we'll get a DLC with maps from the same game.