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Battlefield 4.2: The Spring Patch is Here

By zethalee28-05-2015

BF4 News Header

Last year, we brought you the news about major fixes and changes to how Battlefield 4 plays, effectively changing the base game into something completely different. While there's nothing so major such as modifying the movement system or the UI, there are quite some substantial changes going on with the Spring Patch. There are hundreds of gun balance changes, and for those that prefer those raw value changes, you can find those here, and good luck making sense of much of it.

Here are the more major changes:

  • Five new weapons, including the fan-favorite assault rifle AN-94.
  • Major weapon rebalancing, doing less damage to the body and legs, and more damage to the head.
  • Gun Master, playing almost exactly like Arms Race from CS:GO, has returned.
  • More netcode improvements, such as reducing stutter at range and hit indicator fixes.
  • Tactical gameplay improved, such as more visible bullet tracers, changes to positional audio (soldier callouts and footsteps), and making night vision optics more reliable.

The full patch notes are available here in PDF format for easy viewing, and there's quite a bit to cover yet. Looking ahead to the future of BF4, players still have night versions of maps to look forward to, the community-voted map design project, and a classic pack of maps from Battlefield's long history, all of which comes to us for free, whether or not you paid for premium.

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