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Battlefield 4.1 – The Fall Patch Arrives

By zethalee13-10-2014

At long last, the culmination of months of work from the community, the beta testers, and DICE LA have resulted in an immense patch that updates Battlefield 4 in almost every regard. There's quite a bit in the patch, but I'll only be covering the highlights of it.

Visual recoil removed: gun sights had a recoil value that was independent of the gun itself, resulting in making it more difficult than necessary when coming to shooting targets during sustained fire

UI changes: Transparency has been added for almost all items, and users can now effectively customize the HUD and how the soldier aims

Movement: The player now moves and accelerates much more closely to the model present in Battlefield 3, making for a slower start but ramping up over time

Netcode: further improvements have (supposedly) reduced the number of deaths around corners and kills behind cover, by improving client-to-client communication

Classic mode: A mode without "3D spotting" (the orange "doritos" above the players' heads), third-person vehicle cameras, and squad leader-only spawning has been added

And with all this, DICE LA is not done yet. The next CTE roadmap involves revamping how the teams play and accomplish objectives, with also a rebalancing of personal perks and the way that points are awarded. Only a few updates have come out at this time, as the team is also working on improving the Final Stand DLC, but there are sure to be more updates in the future.

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Posts: 3290

The sad thing is, because this is EA, it's actually a compliment to say "at least they finally did it"

Posts: 267

It is good they have made all those fixes and changes, definitely plays much better now. It is unfortunate that it happened only an year after the game was released.