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Battlefield 4 will have MP-Like Campaign

By Mokman19-04-2013

Let's face it. Battlefield 3's campaign was pretty much a flop - something incredibly unimaginative and not well-received by anybody around. But that is apparently to change, what with DICE's recent announcement and statements regarding its single player campaign, and how they are planning to "move elements of multiplayer into single player."

Recent news regarding Battlefield 4 has been getting better and better, such as the rumoured return of Commander Mode and the Chinese faction - all of which point to the return of the franchise to form. These recent statements by DICE executive producer, Patrick Back, to Edge then gives us even more hope, what with his assertions that the multiplayer squad-based combat feeling so important in making the multiplayer interesting will be transplanted into the single player. As to quote Bach:

"If you're playing multiplayer, you actually care about the guys in your squad, those are often your friends, they have their personalities, you help them, they help you, and they have their own mindset. Now we need to create a single player that mimics that feeling.

Our goal is to create the perfect Battlefield movie, where you do all the things you do in multiplayer at some point, where you have choice, where you have these characters that you care about, that evolves over time. We actually have features that are pulled directly from multiplayer instead of having two separate paths."

I find the statement that brings me the most hope is this: "We have this saying 'fun first' – even if it looks great, if it's not fun to play then it's just a pretty picture. For some people that's important and cool, but to us it's just one of the elements of the great experience." Could this truly be a return to Battlefield's crazy multiplayer roots rather than the recent over-polished triple-A title it's become? Only time will tell. Still, my money's on DICE.

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