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Battlefield 4 Weapon Pimping

By JcDent09-09-2013

Road to Battlefield 4 is here again. This time, it's about gun customization and as usual, it's full of bullshit PR speak. They are "bringing back some favorite weapons to Battlefield 4 – all of which have been completely rebalanced" - so basically, the only thing you liked about the gun that is left is the model?


This time, they've increased customization slots (by one) and the number of customization items three times - for example, a lot more forward grips, like the stubby grip or potato grip (I FIND THIS NAME INSULTING TOWARDS THE MENTALLY HANDICAPABLE MUCH LIKE I'M SHOCKED BY THE WHORE OF THE ORIENT) and there are new weapon sights. including the canted ironsights, which, I think, lets you turn the gun sideways so you wouldn't have to use your scope in CQC. They also claim that, with all the weapon options, you can have 24,000 variations of a single rifle... mostly because of all the camos, which will probably go to premium users anyways. That said, some of them look like they're not totally horrible.

Talking about camos, they are new separated into categories (Urban, Desert, Your Mom, etc.) - and some of them are adaptive, also known as the Lazy Man's camo. What they do is change according to the colors of the map that you're playing. ...so why would I use those other, lame camos again?

The good thing is that we'll now have a preview screen that will tell us what effect each add-on will have - no longer will we have to divine what forward grips do by reading the scattered innards of crows.

Although you won't need to know what the new 40x sniper scope does (it makes snipers even bigger dicks). And you know what goes well with that? Zeroing in, as in adjusting your sights for bullet drop. Let's say you're "base raping" (that's the actual term) the other team in, say, Caspian Border. You determine that your camp site is about 1000 meters away from your victims and adjust the scope for bullet drop. Voila, if you're a competent sniper, you'll be causing grief and rage quit that much faster. Also, there are new 2X scopes that can be easily set in front of 1x scopes which are probably useful for DMRs.

However, there is more arcade type stuff, too - like Battle Drops. Some levels will have specific locations where high-power weapons will spawn. Like in the Paracel Storm, a .50 cal rifle (I thought we already had those) will appear on a walkway. The ammo is limited (and probably non-refillable through magic Support ammo drops, because reasons) and anyone can take them... or fight for them. It's like the Redeemer in Unreal Tournament, but way less awesome.

Still can't wait for the game!

Especially since you can now tune up side arms, too!

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