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Battlefield 4 Network Troubles Never End

By NAG3LT31-12-2013

While EA advertised Battlefield 4 as a place to spend holidays at, the place is in a bad shape at the moment. After the very problematic release, there was some overall improvement at a zigzagging rate. While some client and server patches seemed to fix most of the problems, the following patches introduced new issues. Currently, there is another widespread connection problem and DICE is trying to fix it. Unfortunately the only news sources for now are the announcement at the top of the Battlelog, while the source for details provided by DICE is 10 days old. Too bad that we, the players, are unlikely to receive any real compensation for a buggy product. The only thing done at the moment is a postponed premium Double XP event. Hopefully the ability to play BF4 stops being a gamble in 2014.

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Damn you EA, damn you all to hell! >:(