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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Will Re-Introduce Carrier Assaults

By JcDent14-02-2014

A long, long time ago, DICE wanted to do something different and made the futuristic Battlefield 2142. After that, they decided that trying to be different is hard and scary, so that's how we have Battlefield 4. However, these games will now share a unique game mode: the Naval Strike DLC – planned for a spring release – will have a "re-imagining" of the carrier assault missions. Previously, you had to capture silos and fire missiles at the flying carrier till shields dropped, then you rushed in with drop pods to destroy the core. Now, it's probably going to be a little sillier. The details are not yet out.

What we do know is that DLC will have four new maps:

*Lost Islands – abandoned fishing villages and a levolutionable crashed passenger plane

*Wave Breaker – a huge naval base with a submarine you can levolution on someone's head.

*Nanshin Strike – the biggest naval map yet. No mention of levolution because naval maps are a feature unto themselves, I guess.

*Operation Mortar – abandoned cliffside resort with beautiful views. Yeah...

Seriously, EA, we're not children, stop pushing levolution on us!

The DLC will also have 5 new (to BF4, at least) weapons, two new gadgets (triple grenade launcher for assault and, I shit you not, a helicopter disabling mine for engineer) and 10 new assignments with unlocks.

Oh, and if you haven't forgotten, the Second Assault DLC is coming out, bringing such fan favorites as Gulf of Oman, Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm. For some reason, Operation Metro is also included. Hope enjoyed the stupidly pretentious trailer, since February 18th is the release date for Premium players while plebeians can only get it on March 4th.

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Posts: 267

Oman is going thought its third iteration. The new Titan mode should be interesting.

Posts: 1317

At least it is something slightly "new" this time around.

Posts: 1548

Finally! I want metro back!