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Battlefield 4 Improved Tickrate

By NAG3LT06-06-2014

Battlefield 4 had many problems and the low 10 Hz tickrate was among those. For a long time, while dealing with other problems, DICE has downplayed the importance of tickrate. Now, at last, they have decided to fix that based on player feedback. The latest game update adds a new "High frequency network update" option to game settings menu. At the highest settings, it should update some stuff around the player at 30 Hz tickrate. While a full map state still updates only at 10 Hz, the additional updates at up to 30 Hz manage provide a much better experience. While it is not as high as Counter-Strike's tickrate, the advantages are obvious and the fact that it took so long to address the issue in such a high profile game is very annoying. There are some disadvantages however, if you have a bad connection to the server, the higher tickrate will not work properly and make things even worse. DICE says that 1 Mbit upload/download should be enough for the highest tickrate.

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This isn't the same without XiDiO here to start spewing vitriol :/