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Battlefield 4 Heads to The Jungle

By zethalee05-10-2015

In a survey quite some time ago, DICE LA asked players for feedback surrounding a map design that we had yet to see in the game, with quite a few options on offer. Instead of taking just the singularly most popular requested feature, DICE LA took the top three or so, and combined them into one fast-paced infantry-centric map. Since then, however, there has been relatively few updates, with the map only appearing on the CTE semi-regularly, giving players an opportunity to test it out while still in the development phase.

As it turns out, the time for this map's release is fast approaching, owing to a trailer released recently by DICE LA showcasing some of the more prominent features. With a lush waterfall, a medical research centre, and an ancient temple all featured within, it's all being offered for free to any owners, current and future of BF4. Of note is the fact that this is being released separately from the upcoming Fall Update, but still has no release date nailed down at this time.

The other map on the horizon is the remade map from Battlefield 2: Dragon Valley, an open vehicle-based autumnal map that offers quite the variety of gameplay. Again, no release date at this time for Dragon Valley, but I would guess it'd be sometime in the future.

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