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Battlefield 4 Has Water As Well As Rain

By Leigh Cobb21-03-2013

Not content with teasing us with tantalising pictures of rain and rain based distractions on their website, Battlefield 4 developers DICE have released an extremely short teaser trailer, entitled 'Prepare 4 Battle'.

The trailer, which can be viewed above, goes some way to explaining why the developers have been so focused on all this rain and water business. Because the trailer shows off... wait for it... more water! Specifically the sea, a propeller of a boat and the hint of water based combat and vehicles for the newest Battlefield.

The official site has also been updated ever so slightly, since I last commented on it, now it is promising gameplay on the 27th of this month. Exciting! Sort of.

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Posts: 1317

I'm pretty sure the whole naval combat is about as "fleshed out" as the AC-130 in the BF3 DLCs... Not gimmicky at aaaaaaaaaall, no no.

Posts: 240

Could be quite interesting if it is a submarine actually.

Posts: 267

An old conveyor stops, a new one is prepared to accept your money.

Posts: 1548

This looks like a...sub.