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Battlefield 4 Get Loadout Presets

By acharris7708-04-2014

Attention men, the best way to approach a fight in Battlefield 4 is to be prepared. So DICE are giving you help. Loadout presets are being introduced that allow you to save your vehicle setups and kits, so going into a multiplayer match you can have your selections with you. This is going to save a lot of time as you no longer need to make changes to slots individually in the customise screen before entering combat.

If you wanted to have quick access to a “field engineer,” a preset could be created with MX4, SRAW, Repair Tool, and Mechanic specialization – or any other combination. You might be more of a combat engineer, so you could create a preset ready for action. The choice is yours. Standard players are allowed to have two presets per vehicle and kit. But if you are a premium member, you can have four.

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