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Battlefield 4 Beta Has More Details

By JcDent26-09-2013

My people! I admit the error of my lies! Truly does Battlefield 4 go Exclusive Beta on October 1st that transforms into Open Beta on October 4th (and lasts till the 15th when all the people are showed out back into the cold). Sorry!

And this is probably the most useful info you get from the above video. The Beta will also aim to make Siege of Shanghai the map that everyone gets bored of fastest since it's the only map that will play at that time. I almost forgot it over all the Paracel Storm spam. So, 2 maps I'm already sick of, 8 to go.

There's also some talk about patching the game in turned off consoles, but it doesn't matter for us. What matter is that DICE is talking about post launch support (patching, in other words) like it's a new thing - Creative Assembly said the same with Rome II. News flash, PR-bags, patching is as old as stable internet connections and not something that makes you special. If you think otherwise... then you're special in a way that nobody wants to be.

Anyways, will you be testing the game once you get the chance?

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I probably would, but I can't be bothered.