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Battlefield 4 and Wiping Windows

By Leigh Cobb21-03-2013

Rain Simulator 4, otherwise known by its working title 'Battlefield 4' has a new website which has gone live. What do you associate with the Battlefield series? Multiplayer with friends? Destruction and vehicles? Rain?

The site will reveal more as more fans log in apparently. In the meantime you can use your mouse to wipe rain drops off a glass screen. There's probably a deeper meaning in that sentence, but for now just be content to waste some time needlessly wiping. Now that's a sentence which could be taken the wrong way.

Previously we reported on a promo image of BF4 making its way to the internet, where again, the only bit of information it was possible to get out of it was that there is rain, lots of it.

The Battlefield 4 site will probably update and add more information as the days and weeks go by, we'll keep you informed of all rain-based developments until then. In fact it's raining right now outside my window, gotta' love the British weather.

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Posts: 1548

I wonder how the change of CEO will influence this game. Maybe it will get pushed back to make sure its not an expansion...or the opposite.

Posts: 596

It would be cool if it was a video of in-game footage... but an art piece... come on...