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Battlefield 3 Talah Market Overview

By Merc27-11-2012

Aftermath is the fourth DLC for Battlefield 3, and will add some interesting elements to the gameplay. Each map has been torn apart by earthquakes, and during matches players will experience random aftershocks. Players will be given some new toys to play with, and a new game mode to cap some fools in. DICE is including some modified vehicles, a crossbow, scavenger game mode, and most assuredly a ton of new unlockable dog tags and assignments. The new scavenger gametype has players starting with pistols and then they have to find better weapons in the environment. There will be a total of four maps including “Talah Market”, “Markaz Monolith”, “Epicenter”, and “Saadi Palace”.

DICE was also kind enough to give us a fly through video of Talah Market. This map is a close quarters slugfest where it is kill or be killed. The developer was inspired by classic shooters such as Counter Strike when designing this map. DICE wanted to create a balanced map that feels fair to each team, but also has variations in how it looks.

I love Battlefield 3, and have put in countless hours playing it. While my play time has fell off after Armored Kill, this should bring me back to the game for sure. The maps could be interesting, and some of the close quarters fighting could be fun. The new cross bow looks interesting, and hopefully it is fun to use. We will see if the new gametype is anything special, but it sounds like an interesting spin on the Battlefield formula. Will this bring you back to Battlefield 3, or if you never left, are you excited for the new DLC? Let us know in the comments.

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