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Battlefield 3 January Premium Competition

By NeonAnderson24-01-2013

DICE announced this month's competition, which will see the top 15 winners walk away with a Limited Edition signed and numbered lithograph featuring artwork from Battlefield 3. The competition runs for 72 hours from Friday until Sunday (January 25th until the 27th).

How to join the competition:

  1. Become a Premium Member
  2. Download Aftermath
  3. Join one of the official "January Premium Competition" servers, each will have a number attached to it
  4. Enter the server password found by agreeing to the terms and conditions for the competition found here
  5. Gain the most team play score, the scores that count are: Revives, Savior kills, Heals, Ammo resupplies, Spot assists, Squad attack orders, Squad defend orders, and Repairs.

The maps that will be played are all the Aftermath maps in Conquest mode. Winners will be posted on BattleLog and notified via email.

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Posts: 32

Same here. The Premium thing really put me off of playing what is otherwise an excellent game. Sure the maps are worth extra money, but it makes me feel penalized for buying the game at release.

Posts: 1317

Cool. I'll pass at step 1.