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Battlefield 3 Aftermath Premiere Trailer

By RubyStreams18-10-2012

The premiere trailer for the next expansion heading to Battlefield 3, Aftermath, has been released. This post-earthquake themed expansion includes 4 new maps, a new weapon - the crossbow, new vehicles, new achievements and assignments and it also includes a pretty sweet sounding new game mode titled 'Scavenger Mode'.

In Scavenger mode, players start with only a knife, one grenade, and sidearm and must search the environment for more powerful weapons to increase their chance at surviving and eventually winning. All other game modes from the base game will be playable on the new maps.

Experience the 'Aftermath' December 4th (Premium members) and December 18th (Non Premium).

Comments (3)
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Posts: 240

Is the crossbow the only new weapon? Thought there was supposed to be more. The new game mode sounds pretty good and actually quite suitable for the maps.

Posts: 1548

Yeah its more of a mashinima that a trailer for the upcoming content.

Posts: 223

I found the trailer to be too umm...cinematic. Couldnt really get a good feel for what the new pack is going to be like.