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Battlefield 1942 - It’s Free. Get it.

By Bis18marck7006-11-2012

During the brief history of PC Games, a few iconic game franchises and series have been unleashed into the greedy hands of a slightly immature yet enthusiastic community. We’ve got a few good names out there that even today remain instant sellers. Battlefield is one of them. For those that have stalked the battlefields of Battlefield – yes, I know, that sounded a bit queezy - since the earliest instalment we’ve got a little news here that might make you bath in nostalgia. And for you others that have never played a Battlefield game, well, listen up for this might be worth it.

Battlefield 1942, maybe the most iconic of the series, is now free. Yes. Free. Why? Well, publicity is one thing but it’s also the 10th anniversary so why not celebrate it with a revival of an ‘old’ title? Now, revival might be a bit of a long stretch because, believe it or not, Battlefield 1942 has, even after ten years, still a dedicated and passionate community. All you need is Origin and while some might cringe at that thought, let’s be honest, it’s basically the same bloody things as Steam.

So, there you go. Take to the skies, run into the rain of lead or steer a monster of steel right into the enemies ranks – I’ll be doing the latter of these, thank you very much: ‘Ob’s stuermt oder schneit...’.

Oh, Wake Island...the memories...

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I'll take it!
The memories indeed.

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Nothing is just "free". In this case, you need Origin, so...

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I'll poop all over this party and say that they should include all the add ons.

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Free games! Thank you!