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Battlecry Studios Teases—Battlecry

By zethalee04-06-2014

No one ever said game titles had to be particularly original, or that they couldn't be incredibly obvious. This appears to be the case with Battlecry, being developed under Bethesda Softworks (which is in turn under Zenimax). Previously, we'd written about how certain team members from other major single and multiplayer titles had been acquired for the studio, the least of which being Viktor Antonov, world designer for the likes of Half Life 2 and Dishonored. The team had been hard at work developing a game since 2012, and recently, a site and the video above has appeared to announce it, of sorts.

Battlecry takes place in a world where a great war, totally not World War I, fought with gunpowder devastated the Earth near the start of the 20th century. Instead of allow these atrocities to continue, small factions, the remnants of nations and armed forces, signed a pact that would outlaw the use of gunpowder forevermore, and would also set up designated "WarZones" (clever again) where conflicts would be fought. As technology advanced and so did tempers, the need for these battlegrounds has arisen, and such is where we find ourselves today.

The trailer, and the description sounds an awful lot like many MOBAs and their whole "war by proxy" reason for the existence of the battleground, but the game's website does assure that it will involve 32-player battles, in addition to "smooth, responsive controls, and devastating combo attacks." Not entirely done with channelling its MOBA influences however, it does foretell the use of the "adrenaline" system, where "[you can] unlock powers for a short time or...conserve it for your lethal Ultimate ability."

Five classes have been teased so far, in addition to two factions, the Royal Guards and the Cossacks. A PCGamesN article does say that more factions may be possible in the future, but I've personally seen no evidence of that, either on the website or in the press release. In any case, with the developers promising rank progression and persistent progress, now seeming to be mainstays in any multiplayer game, 2015 may be a ways off for those wanting to cleave heads with a sword several meters tall.

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