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Batman Origins – New Information

By NeonAnderson20-05-2013

Two new pieces of information have come out about Batman Origins. Firstly, it seems Deathstroke will be a playable character in the form of DLC, much like the DLC for Batman Arkham City that added playable sequences for Catwoman and Robin. Secondly, the return of Batman (so to speak).

As the above image shows, they are already promoting pre-order DLC in similar fashion as on Batman Arkham City. In this case it will be DLC that will allow the player to play as Deathstroke in what probably will be an entire storyline sequence developed just for Deathstroke in the DLC. So well worth the pre-order if you are a Batman fan, bear in mind this supposedly is a DLC made separately by another team that will be finished just as the game launches and thus released as an update and will thus not be on the disc. So for those who do not pre-order, this DLC will be paid DLC.

As for the second bit of new information, it has been announced in the video below that Kevin Conroy will indeed return as the Batman! This is surprising news as it was previously rumoured that he would not reprise his role as Batman.


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