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Batman - Arkham Apology

By ElderCub29-10-2015

I may have been a bit salty with my last news article on Warner Bros’ handling of the Arkham Knight issues. No apology, and seemingly only looking to sell more copies. However today, on the relaunch day of Arkham Knight they have announced the following compensation to anyone who owns the game before November 16, 2015. Every game in the series thus far: Asylum, City, Origins, and Blackgate. Your free copies should arrive before December. While I’d imagine most people interested in Arkham Knight will already have the previous games, if you don’t I’d take this opportunity to get into the series. Rocksteady will be creating a Community Challenge Pack to be released in January, and Valve will be working to create some Team Fortress 2 cosmetic items that will be given to those owning Arkham Knight.

On to the monthly DLC pack. October’s pack will include:

  • 2 Batmoblie Tracks
  • 60s and 70s TV series Batmobile
  • Classic Catwoman Skin
  • Classic Robin Skin
  • Crimefighter Challenge Pack 3
  • 6 Augmented Reality Challenges

All of which of course will be included in the season pass. To recap the news, if you own Arkham Knight before Nov 16, you’ll receive: every Arkham game, the community challenge pack, and TF2 cosmetic items. It’s still a little lackluster, considering most people who are interested in Arkham Knight will already have owned the previous games.

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