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Batgirl’s Game Debut, A Matter Of Family DLC

By ElderCub09-07-2015

Prior to the events of Arkham Asylum; Batgirl must stop the Joker and save her father, Commissioner Gordon, alongside Robin. The Joker has holed himself up in the Seagate Amusement Park, and has threatened to kill Gordon should Batman come. Trained by Batman, Batgirl is an expert hacker and competent fighter. Batgirl: A Matter Of Family will give us a new perspective on Barbera and allow us to get a deeper understanding of her character.

Batgirl: A Matter Of Family is part of the Arkham Knight Season Pass, and can be downloaded July 14th. Alternatively, it can be bought as separate DLC July 21st for £5.79. The season pass includes the Flashpoint Skin for Batman, Batmobile skins, more playable characters’ skins, advanced challenge maps including Batmobile tracks, and of course new story based missions.

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