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Bash The Dragon, Smash The Dragon!

By Kelevandos05-06-2013

Another month just started, traditionally bringing news of the next big event is Guild Wars 2. After May's successful Last Stand At Southsun comes Dragon Bash, a Tyria-wide festival aiming to ignite hope in the hearts of the terrified people, showing that the Great Dragons may be fought with laughter just as effectively as with weapons. The citizens of Lion's Arch will be able to attend various festivities sponsored by the Captain's Council and admire the colourful dragon-themed decorations.

So much for the lore part, but what exactly does Dragon Bash mean for the players? Lots of fun, what else! The thing starts on 11th with the appearance of holographic projections of the dragons' minions across Tyria. Beat 'em up for a chance to get a Dragon Coffer with unique prizes inside! If you are more of a city-lover, why not scout your favourite race capital for Dragon Piñatas and stock up on the Dragon Candies hidden inside? The best collectors will get a chance to turn in their candies for unique cosmetic prizes! The PvP oriented players should check out Dragon Ball, a new arena with special rules! And last but not least, there will be Moa racing, so make sure to save up some cash for the bets!

Having learned much from the previous events, ArenaNet decided to introduce the GW1-like model of Grand Finale, making it start every two hours in the evenings between 14-17 June, ensuring that every player will have a chance to grab their prize. There will also be lots of achievements and a special prize for those who get them all!

Interested? Head to the event site and have a read about all the great cosmetic items (there will be animated wings!) and some PvP tweaks. And check out the wallpaper, it is awesome!

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