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Barkley 2's Kickstarter stretch goals are absolutely pants

By siegarettes04-12-2012

I'm not sure how Barkley 2's developers keep me thinking that they are actually competent enough to pull of their massively ambitious sequel, especially when they keep showing up with bizarre, borderline insane ideas such as their Kickstarter stretch goals.

While there are some relatively tame ideas, such as an in game cinema featuring shorts by one of the artists on the team and a Mac port of Barkley 2, the rest are what can only be refered charitabley to as "absolute pants". These include the translation of the Legendary Blue Duergar Quest, a game that "was voted the greatest RPG quest ever by trillions of Japanese gamers and rocked the mystical land of Nippon to its very core," and an Al Bhed Translation of Barkley 2, which for reference, is an entirely fictional language.

Those aside, there are also plans for extra content, including hidden encounters, a Mass Effect style import save system and a new hub city. Additionally, if they hit their final stretch goal...the team will were trousers during the entire development of the game.

Definitely mad.

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