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Bank Robbery for Amateurs

By Bis18marck7031-05-2013

The Joker made it popular and now you can experience it any day. Think you can put Ocean's 11 to shame? Well, Payday 2 is on the horizon and the new Gameplay trailer should get those part-time bank robbers of you interested. Put on that devilish mask, arm yourself, plot a master plan and get filthy rich. At least that's the theory behind it all.

Sadly, while marked as a gameplay trailer, it doesn't really show much except the occasional – and obligatory – silenced headshot and the knockout punch to the guts. Still, fans of Payday will certainly enjoy this one and maybe it even gets some of the other guys interested

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Posts: 223

I hope it's less of an almost wave based shooter, but more tactical in your approach. Stealthy, planned, weigh up the options, do I NEED to kill this guard when I can just knock them out.

PayDay was a good game, but it could be so much more

Posts: 1317

Seems Payday 2 still goes the route of "kill everyone". I wish there was a more realistic take on it, since most heists and bank-robberies are quite low in the number of deaths.