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Baldur's Gate (Not So) Enhanced Edition On Steam

By Bobfish17-01-2013

First of all, I keep telling you, it's Balder! BAL-dare! He does not suffer from alopecia. Secondly, this version...actually might. As the, needlessly inflammatory, title suggests, the Steam release of this seminal (that means about to happen by the way, and has nothing to do with bodily fluids) classic is somewhat lacking in, well, enhanced...ness. According to the Twitter of Trent Oster, who was (probably still is) the creative director for the Enhanced Edition:

"Atari did the integration for [Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition] on Steam, so it is a very basic setup. We were not involved. With regards to updates, we have to submit updates to Atari for them to prepare for Steam. There will be a delay."

He has also gone on to reveal that, at present, the Steam release does not support Cloud saving and that the Steam version is currently 2011. By which, I hope, he means the 1.0.211 build, and not the year. Because it would suck even more to have a two year old version of a game that isn't even a year old yet. All in all, it paints a rather disappointing picture. And whilst I can understand the desire to promote their own digital distribution system, which is what they seem to be doing. Leaving the much larger Steam audience lagging behind like this is still a shitty thing to do. Perhaps they should consider taking a page out of CD Projekt's playbook. But that's just my two cents. Don't forget to leave yours, as ever, in the comments below.

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Isn't it? They care so much!

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*Sarcasm on* Oh that's real nice...