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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Gameplay Trailer

By Bis18marck7023-11-2012

As one of the most iconic RPGs until now, it is of no surprise that BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate is getting a make-over. After being delayed for some time, the game will release very soon. In five days on the 28th of November to be precise.

To mark this, a new trailer has been released giving us a look at the old classic dressed in velvet clothes. Featuring new adventures, new characters, new cinematics and lots of other improvements, the game might once again capture the imagination of the players. The interface will be adjusted to support higher resolutions and widescreen while the source code itself has also been tweaked to allow stable gameplay on modern rigs. Baldur’s Gate fans might also be happy to hear that the Multiplayer has received an overhaul and upgraded to allow a matchmaking function.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition might very well prove to be worthy of a renewed playthrough. Just remember to leave before He burns your eyes out of the sockets.

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