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Balance It Yourselves! DICE Launches BF4 Balance Poll

By JcDent27-01-2014

Do you like Battlefield? Did your heart bleed orange and grey when you saw the injustice done to Battlefield 4? Well, you can now be a very, infinitesimally small part of the rebuilding effort. DICE says they have a whole bunch of fixes and tweaks upcoming. But what to do after those? Here's where you, as an expert in both Battlefield 4 and balance, come in. Vote for upcoming balance changes!

The polls are as such:

*Should attack boats have better anti-air capabilities? (currently, 54% say NO!)

*FGM-148 is supposedly the weakest Anti-Tank missile (the Javelin? Really, DICE?). Should it do 34% damage to tanks instead of the absurd 25%? (77% say YES)

*People might be complaining that the Stealth Jet (ooh, such a fancy word for "It's not a ground attack plane") 20mm cannons might be OP while 25mm and 30mm lack love. Do people want changes? (58% desire ill defined changes)

*Fast Attack Craft: should the canons have less splash damage (thus giving infantry more chances to run away) and should the Burst canon have better rate of fire and damage against aircraft? (67% say YEAH)

*MBT canister shot would receive damage and accuracy increase while IFV shot would only get a small damage increase. Both projectiles would benefit from higher speed. (85% are storming the barricades and shouting "GIB!", which means YES)

Have your say, folks! And tune in next time, same Jc time, same Jc channel, for my news post on what changes were implemented in the end.

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Posts: 1317

I love polls like this. Clearly shows how little of a clue Dice have. They don't even know what's best for their own game. The game they actively DENY anyone from modding in the first place. And now they come and pretend like they actually care to listen what the community has to say.

Fuck off, Dice. You'll find no goodwill with me or any other upstanding person who's not color-blinded by your bad community treatment.

Posts: 3290

It depends on the changes themselves. This, at least, shows the potential to be the kind of changes that people will like.


Posts: 166

Changes are not always a good thing.

Posts: 297

Probably not an awful lot would be my guess.